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Anne Crawford is seeking your vote in Iqaluit Niaqunnguu.  She wants to see positive change in our community and wants to contribute towards an effective and equitable government. She believes that:

1.      Our communities need resources to look after the basics: breakwaters, roads, housing and recreation. Our people need the resources to feed our families, mind our businesses and celebrate our cultures. Our government has a budget of over $1.6 billion a year.  We need to see those funds at work in our lives.

2.     Nunavut needs high quality education. We can challenge our students to take on leadership here and in the changing world they will encounter. This is where our resources need to be focused.  

3.      Investing in quality education changes what is possible. Languages, technologies, our environment and our employment are more strongly influenced in the long term by our education choices than by any other way we could allocate people, time and resources.

4.     Communities need reliable, reasonable and steady investments in infrastructure, recreation and the arts.   We need personal and community spaces suitable for northern lives and conditions.

5.      We need to respect and reward our employees, have high expectations of what they can do, and give them the resources to do it.  We need a taxation system which is fair and accessible to all northerners.

6.       Living in the north is increasingly complex, expensive and challenging. We need to build structures, programs that will support our people and reward those who contribute to our families and our economy.  Subsidies are needed, but they must be balanced and effective.

     On October 28th Vote Anne Crawford for Niaqunnguu MLA


Authorized by Lori Idlout,

Financial Agent for Anne Crawford Campaign

Last update: October 13, 2013